Flats and Dancers - TREND INV 21



Flats and Dancers - TREND INV 21

In the fashion world, it is very common to hear "wow, I used this a lot when I was such a young age", the call comes back from pieces, accessories and even shoes.
By the way, the 2000s have come back with a lot of force and the first piece I want to highlight is the dancers. YES, we already wear sneakers a lot and it was forgotten for a while with the sneaker boom.
Sneakers are synonymous with romance, elegance and comfort. They were created in the mid-1950s, as women wanted to get the same comfort they felt during ballet classes, in their everyday activities. After that, this shoe became popular when it became part of costumes in Hollywood movies and the actresses took the sneakers to their daily lives. Since then, it has remained present in the market.
Thinking about it and for you who love a flat and are a fan of the Parisian style, I have separated several models to include in your wardrobe.

* Classic models in sober tones are gaining versions with soft materials, as the watchword is comfort. Be aware of the Ballet's very traditional square beak.

* Betting on a piece that brings a point of light and color to the look is always a great trick. And investing in colorful sneakers is always a fun and sophisticated way to do that. Vibrant shades like yellow, red, green, royal and pink are a super trend this season.

The novelty of sneakers this season are the details of laces on the foot and bracelets on the ankle. Investing in a more romantic and fashionista sneaker is always a good option to make the look more elegant.

Sneakers in the metallic version could not be left out. Yes, metal has been gaining more and more space in feet and flats. Pay attention to the metal color, pink, turquoise, yellow and silver.

The tip is to wear the sneakers with pantyhose on colder days.

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